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Trizetto Provider Solutions is the EMDs choice for Electronic Claims, Electronic Remittance Posting, and Eligibility Checking with tight integration between the clearinghouse and Medisoft. Mouseketeers supports all interfaces between Medisoft and the Trizetto clearinghouse for all transactions. Get the most out of your Medisoft software! Take advantage of the electronic options available in Medisoft to connect to Trizetto and streamline your billing and increase your cash f
low today!

Electronic Claims – Use Medisoft Revenue Management (included with all version of Medisoft) to send Primary and Secondary insurance claims to Trizetto. Claims are checked twice before sending to the clearinghouse, and the clearinghouse checks them again before forwarding to the payer. Rejections and delays are greatly reduced by these claims checks, resulting in you getting your money faster.

Medisoft v24 adds the ability to catch errors at the time of entering the charges with user configurable edits. Is a modifier required for certain payers, but not for others? Configure an edit to catch that at the time of charge entry! Never get a rejection for a missing modifier again!

Electronic Remittance Advice – Tired of having to go to different payers’ websites to find, download and print EOBs? And then having to post each payment and adjustment from each EOB? Let the software do that for you! Download the electronic remittance files from Trizetto at the same time you send your claims and use Medisoft Revenue Management to review and post those payments and adjustments accurately and quickly with just a click of the mouse.

Electronic Eligibility Checking – you are probably using various payer websites to obtain information on patient insurance coverage, required co-pays, and remaining deductible amount. What if you could just click a button in your software and get that information in seconds, and that information was stored in Medisoft for viewing anytime you needed to check it? With Medisoft v24 and Trizetto Eligibility, that can happen! Improve your cash flow by knowing what to collect up front, especially as the share of your income is increasingly coming from the patient portion of the bill.

Call us today for more information on any of these services.

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